Taught Me How To See

Notice every tree
Understand the light 
Concentrate on now

“For those of you who missed your mandatory two seconds of Dominican history: Trujillo, one of the twentieth century’s most infamous dictators, ruled the Dominican Republic between 1930 and 1961… Outstanding accomplishments include: the 1937 genocide against the Haitian and Haitian-Dominican community; one of the longest, most damaging U.S-backed dictatorships in the Western Hemisphere (and if we Latin types are skillful at anything it’s tolerating U.S.-backed dictators, so you know it was a hard earned victory, the chilenos and the argentinos are still appealing)”


The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Díaz

3 freakin’ pages in and Díaz is already dropping more truth bombs than I can handle. I was literally nodding and snapping to myself on the train while reading this.


One from yesterday. Serving walk-ins daily @threekingsmanhattan #eastvillage #threekingstattoo (at Three Kings Manhattan)

For Annalily


One from yesterday. Serving walk-ins daily @threekingsmanhattan #eastvillage #threekingstattoo (at Three Kings Manhattan)

For Annalily

Sondre Lerche - The Curse Of Being In Love


The Curse of Being in Love by Sondre Lerche

you think it’s gonna settle down to stable environments once you both know
but it isn’t so when you’re in love
if it wasn’t for the fact that I couldn’t go back
I wouldn’t stand the torture that they call being in love

Every time I wear my glasses I try to channel her

“What you allow, is what will continue.”


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Still angry that our table in AP bio never did this and then ate them in class senior year of high school like the cool kids we were
"The higher the style we demand of friendship, of course the less easy to establish it with flesh and blood. We walk alone in the world… But a sublime hope cheers ever the faithful heart, that elsewhere, in other regions of the universal power, souls are now acting, enduring, and daring, which can love us, and which we can love." -Ralph Waldo Emerson, Friendship

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My biggest fear is the inevitable death of Stephen Sondheim.

Stephen Sondheim isn’t ever going to die what are you even talking about

Sometimes I think about this and then listen to lots of his songs and cry

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